Video Ministry

Scrolling through my Facebook timeline all I see are videos!

One of the goals set when I started at the Office of the Bishop was to produce and utilize more videos in the church’s ministry both online and at events.

I’ve heard over and over how people shy away from making videos because they don’t have the budget or they don’t have the fancy expensive equipment. What if I told you all you needed was your cellphone?

That’s right, really all you need to start producing videos is your cellphone. Are they going to be Steven Speilberg quality, Oscar nominated films? No, probably not, but it’s a start. So take out your phones and keep reading.

Basic videography tips:

  1. HORIZONTAL video. One of the biggest mistakes people make when creating videos with their cellphone is they hold their cellphone vertically which creates a vertical video. Watch the video by clicking on this link (Vertical Video) about why vertical video is bad.
  2.  Leave room. Leave 3-4 seconds of silence at the beginning and end of the video so no part of the message is cut off.
  3. Comfort. Make sure the person who is on camera is comfortable being there. It is important to have someone comfortable there in order for the audience to feel connected to the video and the story.
  4. Start Small. Don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to make a long video or a super fancy video. Start small. Do a little introductory video introducing yourself to your followers. Or, shoot a video explaining a part of the worship service that many people may not know about. None of your videos have to be flashy, the idea is to reach out and share your congregation’s ministry and story with other people.

Video Ideas:

Sermon Sharing: Facebook live allows someone to hop on Facebook from either a church page or a personal page and record live what is happening in the world around them. Your church may not have proper licensing to livestream the entire service. This is a great way to still get the message out to your followers. This will allow you to save the video and it will stick around on your page so people can watch it at any time.

Weekly Readings: One pastor I worked with started posting the week’s Gospel reading every Wednesday as a way to get the congregation to begin to think about how it applies to their daily life. Another congregation I’ve heard about asked their military members who were stationed/deployed away from home to record themselves reading one of the week’s old or new testament readings. This allowed the congregation to connect with their members elsewhere.

Day in the Life: Ever wonder what your pastor, secretary, or youth worker does during the day? Ask them to record a small clip during each of their daily events, put them together and post them so everyone can see just what a pastor does all day.

Bible Story: Have your children’s ministry students pick out a favorite Bible story and act it out to be shown during worship.

These are really just the start of a long list of ways to incorporate video into your ministry. I encourage you to utilize the time and talent from within your congregation. Maybe a youth enjoys creative writing, have them write a script. If an adult has a knack for photography/videography ask the person to be the director/producer/videographer. Make your videos a team effort.


Coco Lyons is the associate for communications at the office of the bishop. Her passions include photography, videography and baking. A Wartburg grad, Lyons is an Iowa native who was born and raised in Waukon. She enjoys exploring off the beaten path with her camera in hand and likes to relax at home with her family and cat.


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